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Trollface Quest 4

Trollface Quest 4 - Enjoy Trollface Quest at the Comfort of your Home !

Trollface Quest 4 is a funny sequel to other trollface games. You have to complete levels by playing variaty of sport games, such as cycling, squash, gymnastics, football, surfing and many more.

Controls of the Game

This is a point-and-click game where your main mission is to play sport games and SUCK at it! Talking of a dream like PE!

Click on hints if you get stuck, but careful! You get a limited number of hints.

1. Level: Click the smile in the clouds.

2. Level: Drag the target closer then click the shooter.

3. Level: Drag the center cloud right to reveal the sun.

4. Level: Spam click on the little guy.

5. Level: Click troll, then click ice skater.

6. Level: Click and drag him.

7. Level: Click and hold. Click again after he stop in mid-air and drag him to the finish point.

8. Level: Click the CD player, click the bug disk and get rid of it to the left of screen, click the CD, click troll.

9. Level: Click on all little dope pills except the bottle with '!!!' There are 7 in total then click troll.

10. Level: Click on crane at the middle left of screen, which extend his legs and jump through. Click troll.

11. Level: Click on the crowd, then troll. Repeat 3 times.

12. Level: Click on black big counter, then click on troll's head.

13. Level: Click on Finish to changed it to Limbo, then click the troll in crowd (wearing sunglasses) then click troll.

14. Level: Click little star in bottom right, then troll.

15. Level: Click on the thing on his back(a Pump) then click the weight.

16. Level: Click on SwordFish, then base of the mast(the stick) on opponents boats, repeat 3 times, then click on trolls boat.

17. Level: Click twice on speed-o-meter then on bobsled.

18. Level: Click on the left and right I from the III to remove them.

19. Level: Click on the stick tree(upper right) then set the stick on fire, then click on troll.

20. Level: Click on the feather from the troll's head.

game review

Trollface Quest 4 was a really fun game to play! And I actually mean it! It's a great addition in the series of Trollface games. You have to complete each level by playing games but you are actually cheating all the time. Or trolling. Never forget trolling!