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Sniper for Hire Trollday

Sniper for Hire Trollday - Sniper for Hire Trollday at the Comfort of your Home !

Sniper for Hire Trollday is a free to play online shooting game where your main goal is to find all the trolls hiding in the picture and shoot em! Use your mighty sniping skills and kill all the trolls in this arcade game. Watch out! It's a troll day so all the trolls are roaming freely on the street, you get special occasion to become a hired hitman.

Controls of the Game

Watch the landscape. Use the left click on your mouse to fire. Use space key on your keyboard to zoom in or out.

Tips & Tricks.

Observe the landscape carefully.

Look on the windows closely.

Wait for trollface to appear, sometimes it takes more time and patience.

Look on the tops of the mountains.

Look behind cars, bridges, buildings.

Look out basically everywhere!

game review

Sniper For Hire Trollday is a fun game but it is also a brain practicing game where you have to look REAAALYY carefully to find all the trollfaces in the landscape. So you are basically a hired sniper whose main mission is to eliminate all the trollfaces roaming freely on the street. A bit difficult game since the trolls are really sneaky!