Tourism in the Third Age: old people in the world after 60

Tourism in the Third Age: old people in the world after 60

We explain below the good points of travel for seniors, how to save money and what tips are important to follow.

What are the benefits of travelling when you are elderly?

After overcoming the 60-year barrier, it is natural to have fewer daily responsibilities. When you are already retired and have grown children, you can devote the hours of your day to your personal well-being alone. The greatest concern is to take care of physical health, to enjoy good social relations, to remain active and to have independence. And travelling is a great way to put all these goals into practice simultaneously, as well as being a powerful stimulus to discover new places and cultures.Another positive point is to be able to travel without worrying about dates of travel or return since work and commitments are not usually an impediment. Who would not want to travel without having a deadline to return?

How the elderly can save money on travel?

It is precisely this flexibility that allows older travellers to save money when buying air tickets. The elderly retiree has the advantage of being able to travel at any time of the year, even in the off-season, when prices are lower. At some mobile app you’ll find incredible functionality that helps you find the lowest fares with the flexibility of dates and destinations: Simply search from your city and select the “Anywhere” option as your destination. Flights on weekdays also tend to be more economical, because of the lower demand. The same goes for staying in hotels and hostels, with cheaper rates on weekdays.

With regard to discounts, companies are free to define their policy and most of the tourism industry does not usually offer any specific deduction for senior citizens. But in the doubt, it is always worth asking before making the purchase. Already to take advantage of a city’s programming, the elderly have a number of benefits: discounts on cultural, sports or leisure events. The rules vary between municipalities and states, but usually, it is enough to present an identity document at the box office to prove that it is over 60 years.

Senior citizen discount on airfare?

Unfortunately not. For a while, there was news that a supposed federal law forced airlines to give discounts and even gratuities on air tickets for senior citizens over 60. The elderly have privileges in air transportation, such as the right to special assistance when boarding and disembarking.