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Trollface Quest 3

Trollface Quest 3 - Enjoy Trollface Quest at the Comfort of your Home !

Trollface Quest 3 is a fun online point-and-click game where you have to solve the puzzle by clicking on different spots each level so you can create funny and awkward situations. In this free to play game you will surely have a good laugh. Look for the right spot carefully or just click randomly like a maniac and see what happens. LOLOLOLOL

Controls of the Game

It's a point and click game although sometimes you have to drag specific items with your mouse. You can skip the intro by clicking on the forward button, also you can choose a level in the menu option or share the gamme on other social media.

Click on hints if you get stuck, but careful! You get a limited number of hints.

Level 1 - move the landmine

Level 2 - click the upper right corner

Level 3 - bite the apple

Level 4 - do the opposite line second time

Level 5 - get out of tank

Level 6 - click on hidden rock

Level 7 - move the character

Level 8 - click on middle branch

Level 9 - click on bird

Level 10 - walk away

Level 11- type troll on keyboard

Level 12 - click the troll inside first babushka

Level 13 - 2x water 1x poison

Level 14 - hit the tree once them click on right branch

Level 15 - open the head, spin

Level 16 - drag the finish line

Level 17 - find the letters in wall

Level 18 - click on coconut then troll in water

Level 19 - click the last button

Level 20 - last one is in the left side of background

game review

Trollface Quest 3 is a free and fun game to play and kill time. Some levels are more funny then others, you will see many famous faces. Don't get frustrated trying to pass the level, when not sure look at our trips and tricks section! Troll people and get a good laugh!